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EzTrader Scam

With the advent of the internet, even common man with restricted funds can enter into the intoxicating world of global finance. Binary options trading have further simplified the issue. There is no need to be a marketing genius or a financial guru to make your fortune at the binary options trading. What is required is a lot of background research so that you choose an honest broker who can give you a high rate of return. Before you decide to start trading with EZTrader you will have to make sure that there is no EZTrader Scam to part you from your money.

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Some concerns regarding EZTrader Scam

When it comes to the question of EZTrader Scam, here are some concerns which are voiced:

  • The company is registered in Cyprus.
  • The features and functioning of the company is too simplistic as compared to other binary options trading in the market.
  • EZTrader offers 44 assets while there are other traders with wider choices in assets.
  • Deposit and withdrawal are not free of problems at EZTrader.

Some facts to discount the EZTrader Scam

The above facts are true, but they hardly imply the existence of an EZTrader Scam. A thorough search of user experience and independent review sites clearly showed that there is no EZTrader Scam. Consider the following points:

  • EZTrader is hardly the only binary options trading company registered in Cyprus. There are many other, quite well known companies in this position. It is strictly bound by law and no illegalities have even been hinted at.
  • The fact that you have the most basic and simple design of binary options trading at EZTrader is not an indication of EZTrader Scam. In fact, this company prides itself on preserving the essential spirit of binary option trading where all you have to do is to choose your asset and enter the call option if you think its price will rise before market closes, or the put option if you think that its price will fall when the market closes. EZTrader has eschewed all the fancy gimmicks, making it the best forum for the beginner to get the hang of binary options trading.
  • Since only credit cards are accepted for banking transactions and there are several documentation needed some complaints have been made with this regard. However, this does not imply the existence of an EZTrader Scam. Independent review sites reveal that the users rate the performance of EZTrader regarding its banking activities are thought to be ‘average’ by the users.
  • The number of assets being 44 signifies the standard number of assets for a binary options trading company.

A careful survey of the users shows that there is, in fact, no EZTrader Scam. Instead, it is a simple and easy to use platform for trading binary options and getting an average return of 85% on your original investment

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