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EzTrader October 2013 Promotions

Since the US stocks showed a promising run last month, we’re giving all our traders a chance to also benefit from this by introducing our EzTrader October 2013 Promotions, which will give them opportunities to score more profits from trading US-based shares on our mobile platform. With higher payout rates and loads of bonus offers, our promotions will certainly boost your investments in just weeks! So get started early and invest on your preferred stock assets starting this month.

Enjoy trading binary options while on the go and have a greater time earning higher payouts by taking advantage of our October 2013 promotions. Choose from more than 20 US-based stocks and make a smart decision of whether making a call or put option. Finish with a successful trade and instantly earn a maximum payout rate of 95%! With this high rate, you had better make the most of your every trade so that your investments will grow exponentially in just a short period.

And to make your trading a lot better, invest on Facebook and Microsoft shares and receive additional bonuses that can increase your payout rate or give you extra credits. But this mini promo is only for a limited time only, so keep an eye on your inbox for the announcement regarding this certain promo period.

Although our EzTrader promotions this month highlight the US-based shares, we’re also giving away bonus codes in our newsletters every time you trade binary options on your mobile devices. This, however, is processed randomly, so wish that luck will favor you.

If you want to maximize your profits this month, then make it a habit to take advantage of our rewarding EzTrader October 2013 Promotions. Start trading now to get started early. And if you haven’t installed our mobile app yet on your devices, then click here to join and learn more about our mobile platform and where you can download them.