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EzTrader October 2012 Promotion

EzTrader October 2012 Promotion: Uncertainty will start a fire

The thing about EzTrader is that they do not like to give away their secrets before its time. That is why they have not given out any clear signs as to what exactly they are going to do for their EzTrader October 2012 Promotion but there have been many buzzes along the way. The fact that the online forums are going crazy about what they have planned will tell you that they are going in for a great month. The September promotions had been up to the mark but truly speaking if they want to make a mark then they have to pull off something spectacular.

Instant Profit rates

The profit rate or the payout that is expected in case of a successful trade is usually along the mark of 60%, but there have been rumors in this case that they will be boosted to as far as 86% if the right promotional code is entered. This is hard to believe but there are actually many other sites out there that are doing it. In such cases there is not much we can do but to wait for a confirmation from the site to tell you if you have been right all along.

In such cases it is better to keep a lookout for an email if you are already a registered user. Sometime around the middle of September you should be getting an email from the mailbox of EzTrader Trading about what exciting offers are available in October but till then my guess is as good as yours.

Keeping a lookout at the affiliate sites is the main thing here because for new and old users alike that is the most reliable site other than the main site itself for getting the best information.

Targeted Bonus

This is a new concept that they are implementing and this is for certain. Targeted bonuses are simple increases in rates or free cash that you can get any day and at any time for your use only. Along with this there have been rumors of a daily bonus scheme in the EzTrader October 2012 Promotions that will include something similar to the targeted bonus.

Centralized bonuses

There are going to be centralized bonuses as well. The complete details of this are not available yet but it is said that there are going to be special bonuses for certain assets which may be indices or commodities or simple stocks that are going to help the people to a great degree.

There are many of us who like to work in specific areas such there are some people who are more comfortable in working with commodities while others try to keep up with the Forex front. This type of centralized bonuses is going to help them a lot. This is a great aspect f the EzTrader October 2012 Promotions.