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EZTrader May 2013 Promotions

Do you want to learn binary options trading but don’t know where to start? Do you want to make some real money using binary options trading but feel unsure if the broker you chose is the best? Do you want to experience online trading without having the expertise in trading? Don’t worry, EZTrader will answer your questions and we’ll make sure that you found the right place to start your trading career.

As it says in the name, EZTrader is here to make online trading EASY. Add that up to our fast, reliable and secure trading platform, you don’t have to worry. Besides, EZTrader May 2013 promotions are here to gear you up with our latest and exciting perks.

Start your trading experience with EZTrader’s $3,000 welcome bonus! It’s a great start for our new traders out there.

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                May is indeed the perfect time to trade the hottest commodities in EZTrader! Trade in gold, oil or silver. Predict the commodity’s price correctly and earn 90% profit in an instant. Even if your prediction turns out wrong, you can still get up to 15% of your investment.

Trading with EZTrader has never been this easy. Traders can make their deposits thru the use of our wide selection of payment methods. But wait, traders who make their deposits via EZTrader’s eWallet payment methods specifically like Wire Transfer and Skrill (Moneybookers) will get an alternative payment bonus of $25. This is a limited offer only, so the next time you deposit, make sure to use eWallets.

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                What’s more, EZTrader offers traders educational programs and short courses that include extensive tutorials, tools and guides to feed traders knowledge and strategies to enhance their trading skills. Option trading made easier with EZTrader.