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EZTrader August 2012 Promotions

EZTrader is one binary options broker which offers everything that a trader may need in order to trade successfully with binary options. Users friendly interface, easy and secure methods of deposits and withdrawals, sophisticated features, high payouts up to 81% and a variety of trading platforms – the EZTrader website has it all. In addition, EZTrader comes out with great bonus offers from time to time. You can expect some of these offers to appear as a part of EZTrader August 2012 Promotions. If you can take advantage of these offers in a timely manner, you can increase the payout rate to as much as 95% or even more.

What offers to expect?

The offers that are likely to be a part of the EZTrader August 2012 Promotions are as follows:

  • EZTrader is known for very generous bonuses it offers to its clients. If your initial deposit is $2000 or more, your account will at once be credited with a bonus of $650. EZTrader offers different amounts of bonuses for the different volume of deposits. These welcome bonuses range from $85 on a deposit of $500 to $650 or even more. You should know that the minimum initial deposit at EzTrader Trading is $200, and you can use American dollar, euro or British pound for the purpose. But, if you are willing to deposit a little more at the start, you can end up with a substantial bonus and an edge over the other traders in the market.
  • Apart from this, as a part of the EZTrader August 2012 Promotions, EZTrader will be announcing matched bonuses through a few selected affiliate sites. You will need to visit these sites regularly to see when these offers appear so that you can promptly take advantage of them.
  • Another promotional offer that EZTrader has in store for you is that you can get free advice and guidance on the market for a prescribed period of time. This offer too is available only through selected affiliate sites.

Take advantage of the EZTrader August 2012 Promotions to enhance your profit

One of the most attractive features of binary options trading is the high payout and the fact that you know the maximum loss that you can incur when you invest. So, when this already high rate of payout is increased by the high bonuses, your chances of making substantial money increase significantly. This enhanced profitability is the major reason why you should always keep a careful vigilance regarding the various bonuses and promotional offers. These offers are often available for a short time and through selected affiliate sites only. The result is that the window of opportunity is quite narrow. That is the reason why you should regularly visit these affiliate sites as well as the prominent couponing and review sites so that you can get the news of EZTrader August 2012 Promotions in a timely manner and take advantage of them.