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EZ trader has one of the highest numbers of asset-classes to trade in. Featuring sixty five asset-classes, EZ Trader is an ideal hunting ground for novice and experienced binary options traders alike. When you become an EZ trader, you are entitled to many facilities such EZ trader promotions for instance. Additionally, you receive periodic deals and offers to enhance your trading experience with this binary options trading platform.

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Salient features of EZ Trader binary trading platform

  • The trading platform is well known for EZ Trader promotions. But it is equally well-known for having the highest returns on investment percentage. Offering around 81% returns on investment, EzTrader Trading is also an ideal platform to trade in high investment high return groups.
  • The payback percentage of EZ trader may not be as illustrious as its EZ trader promotions. It offers the industry standard 0%-15% payout. Considering that it offers the highest returns on investment percentage, the payout percentage is excellent.
  • You can choose from more than 75 currencies, indices, stocks and commodities. You can spread your investments across multiple asset classes. You have the option to thin your risks across these many asset types. And you do get periodic EZ trade promotions to make more money.
  • EZ trader offers competitive expiry times. The expiry time durations range from a few minutes to a day.
  • There are a vast collection of knowledge resources. As part of continuous trader education, you get information from Reuters news feeds. Today’s Trade Box is another special feature that lists the hottest events in the stock markets.
  • An online tutorial helps you understand the intricacies of binary options trading. And no, this is not part of EZ trader promotions.

Advantages of choosing EZ Trader

  • EZ Trader offers the highest number of underlying assets and quality ones at that.
  • The user interface of EZ Trader’s online platform is easy to use. It is suited for novice and experienced traders alike.
  • EZ Trader promotions offer the best bonus offers in the binary options trading market.
  • You can maintain your account in one of the three major currencies – Dollar, Euro, or Pound Sterling.
  • EZ Trader offers exceptional customer service.

Is binary options trading for you?

If you are an EZ Trader, your experience as a binary options trader is an enjoyable one. You get periodic EZ Trader promotions and bonuses. Additionally, you have a multitude of assets to choose from. Given these many features on offer, it is hard to not trade in binary options.

But the question is – is binary options for you? If you are a keen follower of financial markets, then you can slowly gain the powers of price prediction. You instinctively understand price movement of an asset. As a binary options trader, you have to be prepared to become a strategic trader and not a gambler.

When you are ready to make that decision, you probably know if binary options trading is right for you or not.

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