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EzTrader complaints

EZTrader is one of the oldest binary options traders in the market. Since it has been operating since 2008, you can find both positive as well as negative comments regarding its services over the internet. Since you will be investing your hard earned cash with this binary options trading broker, you should verify any rumor concerning EZTrader complaints so that you can continue trading with a free and easy mind.

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The common EZTrader complaints

You should judge the merits of each of the EZTrader complaints before you decide for yourself whether you should invest with EZTrader. The common EZTrader complaints are as follows:

  • Traders complain that EZTrader does not allow many of the advanced features introduced in binary options trading. These include option builder, sixty second expiry etc.
  • Another of the EZTrader complaints is that withdrawal is not an easy process and you have to submit a number of documentary evidence to get your payments. This is regarded as a hassle by some.
  • While EZTrader offers attractive bonuses, there are some EZTrader complaints that you cannot withdraw this bonus.
  • Finally, some people complained about the fact that EZTrader prefers only credit card for making your deposit. They allow you to withdraw the equivalent amount by credit card, but the rest has to be withdrawn by wire transfer where a charge of $25 is levied.

The truth behind the EZTrader complaints

Should you not register with EZTrader because of the above complaints? Consider the following:

  • While EZTrader does not have features like option builder, it is actually an advantage – especially if you are new to binary options trading. Here, you can concentrate solely upon the actual process of binary options trading, learning the significance of call or put option and when to choose which one. You will not be confused or distracted by a number of advanced features which is difficult for a new entrant to understand.
  • EZTrader insists on documentary evidences before processing your withdrawal requests because they are concerned with security. With this little inconvenience, you can avoid having just anyone claiming to be you and withdrawing your money.
  • There is absolutely no evidence to support the EZTrader complaint that bonuses cannot be withdrawn. However, like most binary options traders, EZTrader does impose certain restrictions. You will have to trade twice the total volume of your original deposit plus the bonus amount before you can withdraw it. This is not a unique feature; rather, it is the standard practice with all binary options brokers.
  • The first deposit at EZTrader has to be done by credit card. This cannot be a problem because anybody operating in the arena of international finance is sure to have a valid credit card. Withdrawing your profits by wire transfer ensures security. Finally, most binary options traders charge a fee for withdrawal and EZTrader is not alone in this. This is the standard industry practice.

So, you see that most EZTrader complaints are groundless and you can safely invest your money with them.

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