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EzTrader Visa

visaBinary option trading is the latest way in which you too can reap financial benefits from the global market. You just need to make a simple prediction regarding the direction of movement of price of your chosen asset. As binary options trading have become widely popular, a number of brokers have appeared in the market. EZTrader is one of them. They have been in operation since 2008 and are known for the ease of use, simplicity and high returns. One of the most attractive features of trading with EZTrader is that depositing and withdrawing money is extremely easy. You can use EZTrader Visa for the purpose with speed and security.

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How to use EZTrader Visa?

Here is a step by step guide of using EZTrader Visa:

  • The first task is to learn the basics of binary options trading. Visit the education section of the website of EZTrader to understand exactly what it means and how to conduct this transaction.
  • Then you will have to register with EZTrader and open an account. The button marked ‘open an account now’ will lead you to a step wise process of creating your account.
  • You cannot start trading till you have deposited a minimum of $200 at your account with EZTrader. The EZTrader Visa is the easiest and fastest method of doing this, though e wallets are also accepted. Just provide the relevant details of your EZTrader Visa and submit the amount that you want to deposit and the money will be credited to you within a few minutes. You can then start trading.
  • It is necessary to withdraw the money also by using EZTrader Visa. Visit the ‘my account’ page and fill in the amount that you wish to withdraw using EZTrader Visa. You should know that you cannot withdraw more than what you have deposited through EZTrader Visa. This implies that you can withdraw your original investment using EZTrader Visa. The profits have to be withdrawn using wire transfers.
  • For security purpose, it is necessary to submit certain documents before using EZTrader Visa for withdrawal. This includes proof of identity and photocopy of the front and back of your Visa card. Be careful to cover your cvv number when you submit the photocopy.

The advantages of EZTrader Visa

Why should you use EZTrader Visa? The reasons are as follows:

  • EZTrader Visa is the quickest way to get money in your EZTrader account. It is credited almost immediately so that you can start trading without any loss of time.
  • It is also simple and safe to use EZTrader Visa. Everybody has a Visa card. So, you need not create any account (as you will have to do if you use e wallets) or take on any extra tasks.
  • SSL technology is used to ensure full privacy and security of every transaction.

So, deposit your money using EZTrader Visa and start trading at once.

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