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EzTrader Payment

EZTrader is the leading online binary options broker that consists of the most extensive range of assets as far as the online trading market is concerned. Besides the supreme features loaded in it, the other highlight here is the EZTrader Payment options that accounts for quick withdrawal and deposit of funds.

Additionally, a trader can also relish upon free training by financial experts and 100% deposit bonus. Both these lucrative offers have indeed attracted a number of people across the world.

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Opening an account with EZTrader

Before discussing about the EZTrader payment options, let us talk about the procedure to create an account with this developing binary options trading broker. This is important because the aspects, payment and opening account are inter-related to each other. So, what is to be done? Simply follow the steps that are listed below

  • Click on to ‘Open an account-Now!”. Here, you will come across a registration form that requires you to fill in the necessary details.
  • Once the registration is over, a confirmation mail is sent to your email address.
  • The moment you click on to the activation link, you can start trading with EZTrader.
  • It is then that the EZTrader payment options are displayed to you along with other details such as Name on card, Deposit account and so on. The payment options are explained to you in the next half of this article.
  • All you need is as little as $100 to initiate your trading with your EZTrader account.
  • Soon after the activation and completion of funds, the traders get the opportunity to make staggering profits up to 81% on a hourly basis.

Simple EZTrader payment options made available to the traders worldwide

Operating since 2008, EZTrader has indeed established its mark in the binary options trading market. And when it comes to EZTrader payment procedure, a number of advancements have been made since its birth of EZTrader in 2008. One of the most remarkable progresses in the payment front is undoubtedly the inclusion of Moneybookers.

In March, 2011 EZTrader partnered with Moneybookers which is world’s finest and leading payment solution. This particular news has accelerated the EZTrader payment procedure taking it to a whole new level which is simpler and much more convenient.

The accessibility of electrical transaction of the funds makes it all the more attractive. Do you know that when a trader deposits $12,000 through Moneybookers, his/her EZTrader account gets credited with a bonus of $555.00? This means that you can expect mega % 45 bonuses.

The other EZTrader payment options include Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Yes, you can use these credit cards for the entire deposit and withdrawal processes of your EZTrader account.

Whichever EZTrader payment options you choose, it is guaranteed that you will receive the best customer support service than any other binary options trading platform.

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