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EzTrader affiliates

Trading binary options with EZTrader can help you make profits in excess of 80% on your original investment. However, there are other ways to make money with EZTrader. The EZTrader affiliates program is one of the best of its kinds in the market. You can now use their marketing tools to drive more and more traffic to their website and make additional money for yourself.

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The details of the EZTrader affiliates program

If you are seriously considering joining the EZTrader affiliates program, then you should know the following details:

  • You can become an EZTrader affiliate if you have your own website or if you run a website devoted to marketing diverse products. The greatest advantage of this program is that all the marketing materials are provided to you. You just have to carry out the tasks and see your revenue grow.
  • In order to join the EZTrader affiliates program, you will have to sign up for the EZTrader partners. Only when you click on the link in their confirmation email will the process be complete.
  • Once you become an EZTrader affiliate, you can utilize your URL to market EZTrader binary options trading.
  • You will be provided various types of promotional material by the EZTrader affiliates program. These include banners, designs and landing pages. You cannot change anything within these promotional materials. The company is very strict on this point. You can use these materials on your website to attract customers for EZTrader binary options trading.
  • You can use the above materials for different marketing techniques except for email marketing. Instead, you can utilize paid account for search marketing, contextual marketing, social media marketing or virtual marketing. Use of EZTrader creatives is compulsory.
  • Through this EZTrader affiliates program, you can drive more traffic towards the website of EZTrader. You get paid in either of two ways. These are as follows:
    • Cost per acquisition refers to a fixed amount that is paid into your account for each customer that you acquire irrespective of the amount deposited by that customer.
    • Revenue share refers to that system where you get a percentage of the total deposit made by a customer referred by you.
    • You can check your account which is completely automated. You can analyze this by breaking it up into trade generated from banner, customer or during a particular time period. You receive a summarized report at the end of each month.

The advantages of being EZTrader affiliate

You can join the EZTrader affiliates program because of the following advantages:

  • If you already have a website or a marketing business, then this program is an easy addition to your income. All promotional materials are provided to you; you just have to market them to the correct audience.
  • The automatic tracking system makes the system safe and effective.

EZTrader has one of the most generous commission plan in the market

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